Blow Molding Products

Round Plastic Bottles Plastic Seat for Sport
plastic bottle from blow molding factory Material:   HDPE
Capacity:   20ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 220ml
plastic seat from blow molding factory Name: High back blow seats
Material: Environment-friendly material of national and international standard
Plastic Mobil Oil Can  Plastic Equipment Tool Case
plastic oil can from blow molding factory material: HDPE plastic tool case from blow molding factory External Dimension: 515.5*434.5*199mm
Internal Dimension: 477.5*357*176mm

Product Description:

  • Product Range: high quality PP, PET plastic bottles; PS, PP, PE plastic boxes; PP plastic caps; different shapes of plastic containers; plastic candies; platic jam; plastic honey; plastic calcium tablets; blow molding products; blow molds manufacturing and so on.
  • Material:PP,PE,PS and so on
  • We have a dedicated team of customer service with good command of English in business communication.
  • We have a professional team of technicians and purchasing engineers with responsibilities of quotation and technical problems throughout the projects.

You can enjoy the following benefits in cooperation with us:

  • Secured payment (We will take full responsibilities for the compensation resulting from any product faults)
  • Product of high quality with the most competitive price.
  • Quick response (We will reply to your questions and requests with 12 hours)
  • Tracking the whole range of project at your home (a weekly progressive report will be prepared for our customers)
  • Prompt delivery.

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