Injection Molding Products

Plastic Auto Parts Plastic Electronic Parts
injection molded product for auto Material:   Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymers/ABS Characteristic:   Thermoplastic Plastics injection molded product for electronic Material:ABS
Plastic Cover & Enclosure Plastic Pallets
injection molded product Size: 170*140*95mm
Color: Light grey
Material: Plastic ABS
injection molded product for pallet Outer Dimensions: 1400*1200*150mm
Static load: 6t
Dynamic load: 1.5t
Racking load: 0.7t
Plastic Containers Plastic Toys
injection molded product for container External Dimensions: 530*380*230mm
Internal Dimensions: 465*350*220mm
Weight: 1.905kg
injection molded product for toys Customer OEM Product/Excellent and High quality in competitive price
Plastic Boxes Plastic Bucket
injection molded product for box Packing size (cm): 78*34.5*60.5cm/16PCS
Material: PP 
injection molded product for bucket Material:PP

Product Description:

  • We are Professional China Plastic Sourcing & Manufacturer in PC, PP, PE, ABS and so on
  • We control the quality according to ISO 9001
  • Our plastic injection machines is from 100T to 1000T
  • CNC machine center is available
  • We also provide assembly working services
  • We can provide all kinds of plastic partsplastic productsplastic shells

Our advantages:

  • A powerful team of suppliers to guarantee best quality and most favorable price.
  • A professional team of technicians and purchasing engineers with responsibilities of quotation and technical problems throughout the projects.
  • A dedicated team of customer service with good command of English in business communication.
  • Product quality and delivery can be ensured by our ERP processing system.
  • You can choose to contact with manufacturer directly, if you wish.

Your benefits:

  • Secured payment (We will take full responsibilities for the compensation resulting from any product faults)
  • Product of high quality with the most competitive price.
  • Quick response (We will reply to your questions and requests with 12 hours)
  • Tracking the whole range of project at your home (a weekly progressive report will be prepared for our customers)
  • Prompt delivery.

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