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3D printing vs. Traditional Manufacturing

3D printing is an exceptional tool for manufacturing custom parts and prototyping. Due to its unique characteristics though, it is best suited for specific applications.

When choosing between an additive (3D printing), subtractive (CNC machining) or formative (Injection Molding) manufacturing technology, then there are a few simple guidelines that can gudie your decision.

As a rule of thumb:

"3D printing is the best option when a single (or only a few) parts are required at a quick turnaround time and a low-cost or when the part geometry cannot be produced with any other manufacturing technology."

Choosing a subtractive technology (CNC machining) makes more sense in the following scenarios:

  • Medium volumes: When producing parts in the 100's, then CNC machining is typically more economical. This is because the economies of scale start to kick in.
  • Relatively simple geometries: Especially for metal parts, when the design can be manufactured easily through a subtractive process then CNC machining is the best option.
  • High material requirements: When excellent material properties are essential, then CNC machining is a better option, as 3D printed parts typically have a lower strength.
  • High dimensional accuracy: For functional parts with tight tolerances, CNC machining is the best option. For complex geometries, a hybrid approach (print first, CNC machine afterwards) is also be a viable option.

3D Printing Plastics

Material Description
Resin High detail and smooth surface, injection mold-like prototyping.
PLA High stiffness, good detail, affordable.
NYLON Used to substitute functional injection moulded parts, good chemical resistance.


3D Printing Products

3D Printing Product One 3D Printing Product Two 3D Printing Product Three 3D Printing Product Four
3D Printing Product One 3D Printing Product Two 3D Printing Product Three 3D Printing Product Four


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