General Injection Material

Item Material Name Range of Application
1 ABS Plastic Auto Parts, Plastic Cover of Electronic , Plastic Shell of Electronic
2 PA6 Plastic Bearing, Plastic Framework
3 PA12 Plastic Cam, Plastic Slipcover
4 PA66 Plastic Cover, Plastic Shell, Auto Plastic Parts
5 PBT Auto Parts, Plastic Products of Electronic, Family Plastic Products 
6 PC Plastic Container, Plastic Shell
7 HDPE Plastic Blow Molding Products, Plastic Container, Plastic Pallet, Plastic Toys
8 LDPE Plastic Bowl, Plastic Connector
9 PET Plastic Shell for Hand Tool, Plastic Shell of Pump
10 POM Plastic Shell of Pump
11 PP Plastic Bottle, Plastic Cup, Plastic Basin, Plastic Bucker