Mold Making

China Plastic Mold Production

As a member of China Plastic Industry Federation, our company has been engaged in mold making services for eight years, since our business is majorly oriented to European and American markets, we have rich experience in mold making to the needs of clients from these regions.


  1. A powerful team of mold making suppliers
  2. A professional team of technicians engineers
  3. A professional team of quality engineers
  4. A dedicated team of customer services
  5. High quality at lower mold cost
  6. Control risk

Injection mold is the most common mold that are used in the production of thermoplastic plastic productsPlastic injection mold corresponding to the processing equipment is plastic injection molding machine. First, the plastic is heated and melted in the barrel, then driven by screw or plunger of injection machine, passed nozzle and mold gating system into the mold cavity, cooling hardening plastic molding, stripping to get plastic products. Usually, injection mold structure is made by forming part, gating system, oriented components, temperature regulation system, exhaust system, support components and other components. The materials  of plastic injection mold is commonly used mold steel module, the main material used for the carbon steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel, and so on. Plastic injection molding method is the most widely processing method of plastic production.